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GPT Models

Maslow AI’s pre-trained GPT models offer significant advantages in time and cost savings. By bypassing the need for exhaustive model training, organizations gain access to improved performance rapidly and cost-effectively.

Leveraging extensive datasets, our pre-trained models deliver outputs of the highest quality, ensuring accuracy across diverse tasks. The additional benefit of transfer learning allows organizations to fine-tune models for highly specific tasks, capitalizing on embedded knowledge that not only speeds up implementation but enhances the models’ adaptability.

Model Sizes


Small Model
Flan is our smallest model with 20 billion parameters. It’s ideal for cost-effective tasks that don’t demand high accuracy. It’s perfect for generating simple marketing copy or crafting product descriptions efficiently.


Medium Model
Granite, our mid-tier model with 60 billion parameters, strikes a balance between accuracy and efficiency. It is well-suited for tasks requiring precision, such as drafting legal documents or summarizing complex financial reports.


Large Model

Opt-175B is our largest model with 175 billion parameters (equivalent to GPT-3). It offers the pinnacle of accuracy and performance and is the ultimate choice for tasks demanding the highest precision.

The value of AI lies not merely in the creation of a system, but in its ongoing management, optimization, and governance. To ensure maximum performance, Malsow AI’s capabilities extend across three key areas: MLOps, Data Management and Governance, and Monitoring & Maintenance.


MLOps is essentially DevOps for machine learning. The process integrates machine learning and operations to streamline the deployment and management of ML models. At Maslow AI, we harmonize data science, development, and IT operations for the seamless running of ML systems.

The Benefits of MLOps

Improved Model Performance and Scalability

MLOps allows enterprises to optimize and scale their machine learning models, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Faster Model Deployment

Streamlining the deployment process reduces the time it takes to put models into production, generating value more swiftly.

Enhanced Collaboration between Data Scientists and IT Teams

MLOps nurtures effective communication and collaboration, ensuring models are developed and deployed efficiently.

Data Management & Governance

Through meticulous data management, we ensure the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of your data at all times.

Data Quality Assurance

We implement processes that guarantee data accuracy, completeness, and reliability. Within this framework, data cleansing and validation play central roles in ensuring the overall quality of the data.

Data Privacy and Security

We take proactive steps to safeguard sensitive data, implementing powerful measures to prevent unauthorized access or breaches. Our commitment extends to full compliance with data privacy regulations.

Data Governance Policies

Maslow AI prioritizes effective data governance by establishing transparent policies and guidelines, precisely defining how data is managed and utilized within our systems.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Beyond the creation of your AI system, we ensure its ongoing health and performance.

Model Performance Monitoring

Regular monitoring guarantees the ongoing accuracy and reliability of ML models.

Data Drift Detection

We implementing mechanisms to detect and address data drift that impact model performance.

System Health Monitoring

Continuous health monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of systems hosting ML models.

Regular Model Updates and Maintenance

Our ML models are regularly updated to incorporate fresh data and improve their performance.

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