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Dance is the most ephemeral art used in performance to convey a message to an audience. Music accompanies dance, creating more harmony and immersion, if the dance flows well with it.

Dance Review is the way to develop and refine the talent to deliver a smooth performance. It involves intuitive judgments and a systematic way to analyze dance. Through the review of champions in the dance industry, dancers get feedback on where they go wrong and on how to do better. This helps them to improve their skills and understand how to gain new skills and moves.




PHP, Laravel
iOS & Web Development

The benefits to our business were huge. We didn’t have to spend a ton of resources just getting our data and technology working. Maslow made our technology partner solution an easy decision.


Showcase is an organization that aims to develop dancers into professionals by reviewing their dance skills and give advice on how to improve them.

It has a team of professionals with exemplifying qualities that analyze dance skills and provide personalized reviews.

Showcase hub provides valuable insights through objective coach observers who are incredibly experienced with dance technique and choreography.

By the numbers


overall code reusability and 1200% reduction in client code


75% site revisit within the first 30 days of
product launch


94% of users reported the platform improved
their dancing skills

Second details section of case.

  • Provide guides and relevant literature on dancing skills during rehearsals. ‍
  • Analyze dancer videos and give feedback and comments.
  • Review videos uploaded by dancers on the site.
  • Open-access Test Auditions allow for community building and exposure


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